StrokeCVSS welcomes volunteers with no previous experience of sailing or working with disabled people.

Our volunteers work in teams with members who are keen to support newcomers. After all, we were all new once, and we really need your help!

If you are a lakeside volunteer we will work within your "comfort zone". If you don't want to sail or katakanu we have LOTS of land-based jobs you can do. In fact - all of these are absolutely critical to keeping CVSS on the water.

As a new volunteer we will arrange a DBS check for you if you don't have one and are over 16 years. CVSS arranges this and covers any costs.

We will introduce you to the team and to key site and safety
information on your first visit so that you "know where you are".

DomFrom then on if you might want to assist on the water we will take you sailing in an ACCESS dinghy and help you build your skills so that you can become a BUDDY sailor.

You will learn how to moor our boats safely, rig them and how to help disabled sailors board both dinghies and katakanus. You will also learn about hoisting disabled people and fitting slings.

As you become more familiar with the operation you may be asked to crew a patrol or safety boat (these are power boats) with an experienced helm. Of course we do not expect you to gain these skills in a couple of visits!


GroupLand based volunteers will become part of our Shore Officer's team, meeting and greeting, fitting buoyancy aids, assisting with shore based safety and keeping our absolutely essential records of who is on site and what they are doing. You may be asked to make the tea...but so might the Sailing Leader!

CVSS offers Child Protection and Disability Awareness Training "in house" as required by organisational needs.

Established volunteers may be asked to attend First Aid, Child Protection and other land based courses; they may also be asked to do water based training such RYA Powerboat and Safety Boat courses. These courses are locally based and CVSS covers costs.

CVSS is part of the RYA SAILABILITY Volunteer Development Scheme. Any CVSS volunteer can join this and we would be very happy to support you working your way through the scheme, however there is no requirement on CVSS volunteers to do so.

CVSS welcomes YOUNG VOLUNTEERS who are generally at school or college or are jobseekers between 14-22 years. We recognise that these volunteers may have many demands on their time so we ask them to complete 2-hour duty slots (most older volunteers work half or full days). Many young volunteers work Saturdays.

CVSS have to provide a Lakeside self recording system so that the young volunteers can keep a record of their duties completed and activities carried out. In this way CVSS can help them develop skills and have a record on which to base references which we are happy to write to support job and college applications.

If a young volunteer needs help keeping a written record CVSS can assist.

If you would like to enquire further about volunteering, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 07702 596335